She remembers Tie Daer told her not to cry. Yong Niang points out that Xiao Feng care about the Crown Prince, if not, she wouldn’t have been sad for this long. Empress asks if Xiao Feng was with the Crown Prince yesterday. But Peng Xiaoran’s certainly a good actress. Im really salute and support who make a story like this. I don’t want to give away too much, but series plot look very very………predictable. Xiao Feng stops Yong Niang and claims she isn’t the person Cheng Yin likes. I still feel semi heartbroken over the ending now. Compartir. Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 25. He can totally destroy us but ahahahaha why would my husband destroy my country? Csodálatos sorozat ! He asks Pei Zhao to bring some good medication from his home, and mentions Yong Niang is very trustworthy. She wants to eat frozen grape jelly. Having received overwhelming love and admiration as the 9th Princess, Xiao Feng is forced to leave the life that she has known in order to become the Crown Princess. He says that no matter what, he cannot get drunk today. She wants to go to the royal kitchen to prepare some foods, and takes away A Do. Xiao Feng passes out when pay her respect. Oh you’ve said everything I thought about the drama esp on the weaknesses but overall it’s pretty okay-ish drama. These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 25-26, Pei Zhao tells Xiao Feng that the conflict between Li Empire and Danchi has been going on for several decades, whether there is war or not isn’t under the Crown Prince’s control. Goodbye My Princess is yet another example of the typical Chinese drama that starts off as a pretty engaging show, starts falling apart in the middle, and can barely hold itself together by the time it reaches the finish line.. Cheng Yin visits Se Se and confesses that for the past half month, he has been blaming himself every day. 2020.10.25. Después de descubrir la verdad, Xiao Feng saltó al Río del Olvido, y Gu Xiao Wu / Li Chen Yin siguió su ejemplo por culpa, y quizás también por amor. Jin Er agrees and points out that today is the wedding of the Crown Prince and his Consort, but he came to their place. Pei Zhao tells Xiao Feng that the conflict between Li Empire and Danchi has been going on for several decades, whether there is war or not isn’t under the Crown Prince’s control. Xiao: Oh dear tea merchant, I am just so happy today. Se Se tells Jin Er that Empress always seeks chance to step on her, but Crown Prince will fee more tenderness towards her when Empress steps on her. Yet fate is cruel and the two meet and fall in love again. Well I heard that he is to be betrothed to the clueless I mean er, very very beautiful 9th Princess Xiao Feng of the Western Liang 終わってしまいました…最終回当日は朝から主題歌の《初見》を何度も聴いて心切なくなってました。, 前半に使われていた《爱殇》も良かったのに、なぜか前半後半で挿入歌が変わったんですよね。, でもやっぱり愛する気持ちが抑えられないのです。そしてそんな自分が何より許せないのです。, しかしそのことを利用して高显が扇動して西州と中原の間に戦争を起こそうとします。自分が西州に戻ったことで多くの罪のない民が命を失おうとしていることに気付く, 小枫はあの時死んではいないはずだ、まだ怒ってて自分を苦しめるためにどこかに隠れているに違いない。あんなに聡明なんだから絶対に生きている、と小枫を探す旅に出ます。, そう信じて自分を騙さなければ、生きてはいられなかったのです。そうしなければ小枫との約束が守れなかったから。, 《東宮》は恋愛悲劇にはある一定の需要があることをしっかりと証明したドラマのような気がします。, ワタシ個人としては、もちろんハッピーエンドが好きだけど、今回は悲劇がいちばんの終わり方だったのだろうと納得はしてます。, でももう少し甘いシーンもたくさんあると、より悲しみが引き立つのになぁなーんて思ったりして。, けっこういいシーンがカットされちゃってるんですよね。甜甜なシーンが。甘いからこそ酸っぱくて苦いのが効いてくるのに。, ワタシがこのドラマでストーリーの他に楽しんだのは前半の多坝沟景区で撮影されたという景色や映像の美しさです。, 主に実写で撮影されたこのドラマ、広い国土を持つ中国にはこんなにも美しい場所がまだ沢山残されているのでしょう。, 馬を使ったシーンも多く、古装で疾走する姿を見ると不思議と古代の生活に引き込まれるようです。, 大陸ドラマの古装劇ではよく馬に乗るシーンがありますが、ダイナミックで惚れ惚れします。馬が走る姿ってホントに美しいです。, さて、女性に対してはクズでしたけど、だからといってヒドイ!の一言で片付けられない面をものぞかせる, 帝王になるということの悲しさややるせなさ。でも結局自分勝手な道理が最優先となってしまうのがリアルといえばリアルな気もします。, 1996年3月31日生まれ。子役からこの世界に入りました。中央戯劇学院卒業生です。, 最後に自害した小枫に寄り添い泣くシーンがあるんですけど、ご本人も気持ちが入りすぎて「カット」の声がかかった後も40分間、涙が止まらなかったらしいです。, 小枫を演じた彭小苒。1990年12月3日生まれのちょっとお姉さん。でもその可愛さで16〜18歳を演じてても違和感ない。, 天真爛漫で無邪気な小枫にぴったりで、全く嫌味がなく、小枫が悲しくなったら観てるこっちまでホントに悲しくなっちゃう。, 最後に公式微博が主役の3人を雑誌の表紙風にまとめてましたので、それをお借りして《東宮》終わりたいと思います。, そこまでしてもどうしても嫌いになれないのです。憎んでも憎んでも憎みきれないのです。, 小枫のお世話をしてくれた永娘。最後にはついに小枫が逃げることに協力してくれます。ここ、一番感動したかも, 李承鄞と小枫の仲良しシーンもっと観たかった…そしてそこからの悲劇でポロポロ泣きたかった。, 李承鄞、小枫、顾剑、阿渡。一ヶ月半キュンキュンハラハラドキドキ楽しませてくれてありがとう。. He steps back and asks Pei Zhao for some wine. Funnily enough, the drama premiered on Valentine’s Day, and ended on Qingming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day). She says that today is the marriage ceremony between the Crown Prince and Xi State’s Princess, and everyone is congratulating the Crown Prince. Este último tiene su propia concubina favorita, y solo accedió a este matrimonio sin amor para asegurar su posición como heredero del trono. Li: Why yes my Lady. But they really omit it, in the drama when xiaowu stormed in the garden when xiaofeng was on the swing with her bandage on (head wrap thing). Lajos Köszönöm , hogy láthattam ! Pei Zhao gives the medicine to Yong Niang and asks her to brew it for Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng es la querida novena princesa de Liang occidental, que contrae matrimonio con Li Cheng Yin, el príncipe heredero de la dinastía Tang. En el presente, solo Xiao Feng ha recuperado sus recuerdos, y su romance desgarrador comienza de nuevo. Xiao Feng tells Yong Niang to take all the decorations down because it reminds her the blood from the people of Dan Chi. I don’t see a problem in toning down a character’s personality when adapting them for another medium, but the incompetent writing meant there was no smooth transition when it came time to integrate the two different personalities. Love it. Gonna check it. I was totally captivated by the drama during the first couple of weeks, where the story was more focused on the Li Dynasty’s plans to conquer the Western Provinces after the Crown Prince’s untimely death. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 25-26, Pei Zhao tells Xiao Feng that the conflict between Li Empire and Danchi has been going on for several decades, whether there is war or not isn’t under the Crown Prince’s control. Chai Mu reminds Pei Zhao that Cheng Yin’s attitude toward Xiao Feng is different, and worries that Cheng Yin make any mistake. Li: Goodbye My Princess (INNER EVIL: GOODBYE MY PRINCESS WAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAA). Assistir Good Bye My Princess Online Good Bye My Princess Uma história de amor gira em torno da 9ª Princesa de Western Liang enquanto ela viaja para as Planícies Centrais para realizar uma aliança matrimonial com o Príncipe Herdeiro. But then suddenly one day, our princess got into an arranged marriage with the crown prince of the Li Dynasty in order to strengthen relations with one another. I dont understand why these experts would said that the lead hero is over acting on sentimental scenes. Gu Jian doesn’t want to see her sad, and also doesn’t want history to repeat itself. He pose as a tea merchant to try and infiltrate Western Liang Dynasty, hoping he can help the Li Dynasty annihilate their neighbor so that he can become the new crown prince instead.


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